PHP 1560/2560: Statistical Programming with R

Statistical computing is an essential part of analysis. Statisticians need not only be able to run existing computer software but understand how that software functions. Students will learn fundamental concepts - Data Management, Data types, Data cleaning and manipulation, databases, graphics, functions, loops, simulation and Markov Chain Monte Carlo through working with various statistical analysis. Students will learn to write code in an organized fashion with comments.

Course info

In Class Meeting

  SPH 375

  Wed 1:00 - 4:00

Teaching team and office hours

Instructor Adam J Sullivan     Sign up for Group Office Hours SPH 717
TAS Yimo Zhang Tuesday & Thursday 10am-12pm SPH 251

Course Materials

Class Site Adam J Sullivan Brown University
Datacamp Various Authors DataCamp Inc, 2019
GitHub Github GitHub Inc, 2019


Recommended Texts, you do not need all of these. Many of them are available free on Brown University Libraries Website.

The Art of Programming Norman Matloff No Starch Press, 2011
Statistical Computing with R Maria L. Rizzo Chapman and Hall/CRC, 2007
An Introduction to Scientific Programming and Simulation Using R Jones, Owens; Maillardet, Robert & Robinson, Andrew. Chapman and Hall/CRC, 2011
R Cookbook Paul Teetor O'Reilly Media, 2011


You should have access to a laptop and bring it to every class, fully charged.